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Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is probably the best-known international non-profit organisation that works to protect our oceans and above all, to preserve biodiversity.


"Sea Shepherd is happy to team up with GOT BAG, every backpack purchased is more plastic removed from the ocean."

Captain Alex Corneilssen, CEO Sea Shepherd

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd is best known for hunting whaling fleets.

Today, the organisation runs twelve ships worldwide, whose crews fight against illegal fishing and for the preservation of marine habitats.

As long-time admirers and supporters of Sea Shepherd, we are very happy and proud to work together to protect the vital ocean ecosystem.

You can find the crew's backpack here in our shop.

More about Sea Shepherd:

SEASPIRACY’S director Ali Tabrizi

We’ve all watched Netflix’s SEASPIRACY, a compelling documentary that examines the global fishing industry and calls for an end to fish consumption.


“We've teamed up with GOT BAG to raise awareness for our oceans and the complex issues they face. Together, we can increase consciousness about the crucial cause of protecting our oceans.”

- Ali Tabrizi

Join the movement to save our seas and protect marine life. Get your SEASPIRACY GOT BAG here.

In 2021, Netflix aired SEASPIRACY. A documentary that shifts from plastic pollution to the externalities of the global fishing industry. Through its harrowing images, it identifies overfishing and the ecological footprint of commercial fishing as a whole as the greatest danger to marine life.

Since its release, SEASPIRACY has caused an international debate. Its director and co-director Ali and Lucy Tabrizi fight for an end to fish consumption and work tirelessly to raise awareness for our oceans and the problems they face.

More about SEASPIRACY:


CLEANHUB is a young start-up company from Berlin that is also dedicated to plastic waste in the environment. Companies can use their platform to become plastic-neutral, i.e. earn a certificate that helps projects like ours to recover plastic from the environment.

achieving more together

In order to be able to prove to the companies that plastic is collected, CLEANHUB has programmed an app that saves photographic data so that the path of our plastic can be traced at anytime.

Right now, our common project is still in the test phase, but in the long term, thanks to CLEANHUB, you will be able to know exactly from which fisherman and where the plastic for your backpack was recovered.

More about CLEANHUB:

Whale and Dolphin Conservation, WDC

WDC is the world's leading non-profit organisation, dedicated exclusively to the protection of whales, dolphins and their habitat: the sea.

The sea and its inhabitants are as important to WDC as they are to us

We are very happy to support WDC with their campaign "Set nets out of protected areas!".

WDC Germany advocates the protection of the onlynative whale: for the porpoise.

In the central Baltic Sea is the little whale in acritical danger of extinction.

Main cause of death: agonising drowning in fishing nets that are even used in marine protected areas. That's why we demand: gillnets out of protected areas!

More about WDC:

Boris Herrmann & Team Malizia

Boris Herrmann is a professional sailor who sails around the world as skipper of Team Malizia. On board, he records water data working with oceanographers and compiles data to show how climate change is harming our oceans. Recently, he drew attention to his mission when crossing the Atlantic with Greta Thunberg.

You can find the crew's backpack here in our shop.

GOT BAG is official supplier of the Malizia Team

"My mission is to work together with companies to showcase their sustainable solutions to today's climate issues"

Boris Herrmann

“Fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment. If possible, we should use recycled materials supporting a circular economy. This is why I like GOT BAG and their approach towards positive change.” – Boris Herrmann

We’ve been following Boris' journey for years sharing his passion for the oceans. Now we are happy to partner with him to be part of his passion for sailing as well:

From now on, our backpacks and bags will be part of the team Malizia races. Together, we are creating awareness for climate change and fighting for cleaner oceans.

Coral Gardeners

“At the end of the day, we’re all working for the same goal, dream and vision to have a healthy, beautiful ocean for all the centuries to come. Doing nothing is not part of the solution, so every little step counts. This collaboration is part of the change, the solution and I’m happy that we’re launching this.”

Titouan Bernicot, founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners

Changing the world -
one coral at a time

Coral Gardeners was founded in Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, in 2017. As a small group of island kids who were witnessing the rapid degradation of the coral reef around them, Coral Gardeners got founded and decided to take action.

Today, these island kids grew to an international collective of scientists, engineers, creators, and advocates determined to save the reef by revolutionizing ocean conservation and generating collaborative action around the world. The core of their work is built around coral reef restoration. Using the latest techniques and methods, their program aims at restoring coral coverage, increasing abundance, biodiversity and coral recruitment.

After collaborating for three years, we felt like manifesting our common spirit with a COLLAB EDITION of GOT BAGs showcasing the iconic Coral Gardeners logo. The collection consists of three pieces: ROLLTOP, ROLLTOP LITE and HIP BAG.

Support Coral Gardeners by adopting a coral with every piece of our COLLAB EDITION.

View the collection here.

More about Coral Gardeners:


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