Would you also like to make a wave?

Are you looking for innovative backpacks & travel companions that don't only look good but also support our clean-up activities in Indonesia? Then let's work together and make a contribution together!

Just drop us an email and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible or visit us on NuORDER .


Gioia (Buyer, Peoples Place, Mainz)

What is special about GOT BAG?

GOT BAG is a young, dynamic team with a great vision that inspires you and that you just want to be part of. In addition, GOT BAG is a real pioneer when it comes to backpacks made from recycled plastic, especially because of their own clean-up. We particularly like the fact that the themes of “sustainability”, “functionality” and “style” are combined in the products. At Peoples Place, we're always on the lookout for these brands.

Would you recommend GOT BAG to other retailers?

Absolutely! What's really great is that we, as retailers, are always informed about the latest developments at GOT BAG. The sales managers are very helpful, if there are "problems" they always look for a quick solution that is optimal for both parties. In addition, GOT BAG is a very approachable brand works super selectively with the selection of its retailers. Not to forget, of course, that you have a story that we can tell the customers and that we contribute to cleaning up the oceans with every backpack sold.