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Share your passion for sustainability and lifestyle with your audience! Whether you focus on eco-friendly fashion, sustainable outdoor gear, or innovative lifestyle products – we invite you to become part of our network.

As one of the leading brands in sustainable backpacks, we are committed to spreading our vision of clean oceans and conscious resource management. If you want to offer your community high-quality products with a unique story, then our affiliate program is the perfect channel for you. We're looking for partners who share our values and help us make our brand even more recognizable. Together, we can shape a conscious future and make the world a better place.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Your GOT BAG Affiliate Team

Why participate in the GOT BAG affiliate program?

✓ Positive Impact: GOT BAG is a brand that advocates for clean and healthy oceans and aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Through collaboration, publishers can contribute to making a positive change for the environment.

✓ Attractive Commissions: The GOT BAG affiliate program offers attractive commissions for publishers. By selling GOT BAG products, publishers can generate a lucrative source of income.

✓ Wide Audience: GOT BAG products appeal to a broad audience, including outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and more. This gives publishers the opportunity to expand their reach and reach new target groups.

✓ Exclusive Offers: GOT BAG affiliates gain access to exclusive offers and promotions.

✓ Brand Awareness & Credibility: GOT BAG is an established brand with growing brand awareness and a positive reputation. By partnering with GOT BAG, publishers can benefit from the credibility and reputation of the brand.

✓ Easy to Use & Integrate: GOT BAG provides extensive marketing materials to all affiliates to promote the products and offers personal support for any questions or concerns.

✓ No Start-up Costs: There are no start-up costs or hidden fees.

This is how it works:


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For whom is this program suitable?

Are you an operator of a website focusing on fashion, sustainability, or sports, do you compare products online, or do you have a blog for outdoor enthusiasts? Then the GOT BAG Affiliate Program is perfect for you!

Promote impactful backpacks and accessories made from Ocean Impact Plastic and earn attractive commissions for every referred sale.

Do you have any questions or need more information?

Terms and Conditions

Partners with the following content are generally excluded from participating in our affiliate program:
  • Unlawful, illegal, and political content
  • Depiction of violence, weapons, or drugs
  • Sexualized language and sexual content of any form
  • Vulgar or aggressive language

  • Discrimination and Insults
  • Defamatory statements regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, age, etc.
  • Content that could harm children.
Cancellations, returns, etc., will not be compensated.

It is prohibited to bid on search terms in all search engines that include brand-specific terms of GOT BAG (including similar/misspelled variations) and directly link to the GOT BAG website.

It is not permitted to use the product data feed outside of your own website (on third-party platforms such as Google Shopping).
Only advertising materials provided by GOT BAG through the partner network are allowed.

Personally created graphics, collages, etc., require approval from GOT BAG. Only vouchers or discount promotions provided for the GOT BAG affiliate program may be promoted.

Violations will result in program exclusion. Corresponding sales will be canceled.