From Trash to Treasure

About the Project

An estimated total of 269,000 tons of plastic are currently circulating in our oceans. More than 51 trillion of it as micro pieces. Studies suggest that every year around 9 million tons are dumped into the ocean.

The impacts are devastating. Especially to our ocean inhabitants. Over 700 species are threatened by plastic pollution. 90% of seabirds eat plastic, and over 30% of fish have plastic inside their stomachs. Besides being an environmental catastrophe choking our waterways and marine life, for humans this also means one more way that plastic is ending up in our food.

The founders of this project, Roman and Benny, have been tied to the ocean since their childhoods - Roman has been surfing its waves since he was a boy, and Benny went on sailing trips with his father before he could walk. They share a dream of doing what they can to help fight against this assault on our ocean.

After almost 2 years of planning, researching, developing and finding partners to create a sustainable product, we are happy and proud to announce the world's first backpack made of recycled ocean plastic.

The key to this project and to the cleansing of our ocean is collaboration. Together with our partner SEAQUAL(tm) we work with an increasing network of fishermen who are extracting plastic found in the depths of the ocean. The plastic is collected in their nets and then gets transformed into high quality yarn which we use for the production of the fabrics of our backpack.

This way we can stop plastic circulating in our oceans and put it on a new journey around the globe – on your back!