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As a start-up from Mainz, the sea may be far away, but our colleague Max leads our cleaning activities on the north coast of Java in Indonesia, to free the sea from plastic piece by piece.

A network of 1500 fishermen who salvage, carefully separate and clean the plastic that gets caught in their nets. For each GOT BAG, up to 4 kg of plastic are recovered. The PET part flows into our production chain. Step by step, from the raw material sea plastic, a high-quality yarn is created. A resource-saving value-added chain is passed through until the finished product. Every step in the process follows the highest standards of fair and social conditions with job security and certification.

Our mission

Clean Up InDonesia


of the oxygen we breathe is produced by marine flora.

(yes, this is more than plants)


of the garbage in the sea is plastic.

plastic parts has every seabird in its stomach.


of the world's plastic waste is recycled.


plastic could we already recover with our Clean-Up.

Ocean Plastic

With PET recycling, we are focusing on an environmentally friendly alternative to new plastic in yarn production. 88.5 tons of marine plastic have been recovered so far. With every tonne, we save 3.8 barrels of oil and 1700 kg of CO2 and water compared to the industry standard and more than 139 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Sociological & ecological added value

We organise training sessions on waste separation to create collective awareness, also through local multipliers. In addition, we support the development of a waste infrastructure in rural areas in Indonesia. In the longer term, this should also encourage the government to rethink its waste management system.

Innovative Bio-Coating

An innovative coating provides a water repellent layer on the textile of each GOT BAG. It consists of 100% biodegradable ingredients. This way you contribute to avoid a pollution of the ground water and save oil, water and CO2 during the production. Our products are free of PFC coatings

Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China

Our production sites

Our production chain is long and behind every single product is the work of many people. Our suppliers and manufacturers are our partners and we treat them as such. This means above all that we build a business relationship based on trust and respect. For us sustainability starts with the people who are committed to GOT BAG. We rely on transparent communication as well as fair working and production conditions.

Due to the regional proximity between Indonesia and China as well as 40 years of experience as the world's leading textile manufacturer, China is the most suitable production country for our highly specialized products. Our colleague Pei Yu looks after the production plant in Quanzhou in the Fujian province according to European standards. The workforce is local and lives close to the production plant. 
Their age complies with the legal regulations. They are provided with food and beverages, the pay is above industry standards and the work is done without overtime.

Our value chain

Indonesia is known as one of the world's epicentres of plastic waste, but that's only because we all play a part in getting the waste shipped there.


Sea plastic is collected by our network of 1500 fishermen on the north coast of Java as by-catch. The plastic from their nets is cleaned and sorted.


After cleaning, the PET content is shredded into pellets. The remaining residues are disposed of via the corresponding value chain.


From the collection point in Indonesia, the pellets are brought by ship to our production facility in Quangzhou, China, due to its regional proximity. There a high-quality polyester yarn is produced from the plastic pellets.


The yarn is used to make the fabric that is used to make your GOT BAG. For a low emission shipping, we choose trains as means of transport to Europe and are working on a climate free shipping option.

Certificates & recycling systems

Certificates say more than 1000 words. Only a long-lasting product is truly sustainable for us. From us you will get one that has been produced in a resource-saving way and under fair and social conditions.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Every GOT BAG is produced according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The products are free of harmful substances, tested for a skin-friendly pH value and manufactured without harmful chemicals.

SEDEX, Bureau Veritas & BSCI seal

With our SEDEX, Bureau Veritas and BSCI certified partners, we use an innovative and effective solution for a functioning supply chain with a focus on sustainability and social standards. You can be sure that our products have been manufactured under sustainable social conditions.

bluesign® certified

By cooperating with bluesign® certified manufacturers, we commit ourselves to act sustainably and responsibly towards people, environment and resources. The seal is awarded to textile products produced with low levels of harmful substances.

UN goals for sustainable development (SDG)

For us it is time to act. The 17 goals of the United Nations (UN) provide us with guidance on how to deal with the global challenges of our time. A better and more sustainable future is thus made possible.

With our mission, we actively support 7 of these goals and contribute to ending poverty, promoting quality education, clean water, responsible consumption, climate protection and marine biodiversity.

The GOT BAG Cycle

With the GOT BAG CYCLE, we rely on a sustainable cycle principle and orientate ourselves towards nature.

By recycling plastic waste, we produce a high-quality yarn and sew our durable products from it. With GOT Repaired we offer you a repair service in case of damage. When you replace your GOT BAG, we recycle the material for the next production line. The plastic will never land in the sea again.

GOT repaired

GOT BAG repair service

We act in a particularly sustainable way if we use our belongings for as long as possible. If your GOT BAG is ever worn out or damaged, we will try to repair it.

Please answer some questions about the repair process using the form below. We will then contact you to find a suitable solution. Please click here.

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