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World's first CARDHOLDER made of Ocean Plastic!
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With your purchase Ocean Plastic will be recovered.

We use ocean plastic from our clean-up in Indonesia
You'll be in good company with over 25,000+ like-minded people

From July 1, 2020 the value-added tax (VAT) will be reduced from 19% to 16% in Germany and there will be a reduction on your purchase. As a donation we’ll be passing the amount of the VAT reduction to the international marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd on your behalf and help you to send a signal of solidarity. The final amount in your shopping cart remains unchanged.

World’s first CARDHOLDER made of Ocean Plastic!

Minimalistic and simple. It concentrates on what counts most - your essentials.Credit cards, business cards, receipts and cash fit in easily. It's the first one of its kind! Each Cardholder is a recycled original. 

Create an Impact.

Made of ocean plastic
BIO-PU coating
100% waterproof material
2 years warranty

Size: 7,5 x 10 cm
Weight: 18 g
As a young start-up from Mainz, we have been pursuing the vision of ridding the oceans of plastic since 2016
  • Minimalistic & simple

    Stay focused on the essentials! Credit cards, business cards, receipts and cash is all you need. A cardholder is all they need.

  • Made from ocean plastic

    After seeing the impact the Rolltop backpack created for our clean-up, we wanted to do more. So we came up with our travel accessories. Together with our network of fishermen in Indonesia, we free the ocean from plastic - piece by piece. We then use that plastic to produce our sustainable and timeless products. Our cardholders made of ocean plastic are the first of their kind, making each one a recycled original.

  • 100 % waterproof material

    An innovative and environmentally friendly Bio-PU coating keeps your belongings dry.

  • 2 years warranty

    Your cardholder comes with a 2-year- warranty. In accordance with the GOT BAG Cycle, we are dedicated to producing long- lasting products.

  • FAQ

    Where does the ocean plastic for your backpacks come from?

    With the combined power of our network of 1500 fishermen and partners, we collect Ocean Plastic at our Clean-up activities in Demak in Indonesia. It is then cleaned, shredded and turned into pellets before it can become the high quality yarn that is used to craft your sustainable travel bag. The problem of ocean plastic begins on shore where waste management structures and education on the topic are often lacking. We’re dedicated to raising collective awareness through educational activities locally and for our global community via social media.

    How do you make sure my cardholder won’t end up in our oceans again?

    We only consider a durable product a truly sustainable one. If your travel bag is damaged or shows signs of wear, we will repair it as part of our GOT BAG Cycle so it will never end up in our oceans again. Remaining material will be reintroduced in the next production cycle.

    How sustainable is your logistic chain and packaging?

    Your order will be delivered to your front door using as little emissions as possible. For this purpose, our products are transported by train from Asia to Europe.

    All packaging is FSC-certified. We’re constantly working on optimisation towards an climate-neutral shipping option.

From Trash to Treasure

Ocean plastic is collected by fishermen in Demak in Indonesia.
After sorting and cleaning we shred the PET into pieces. The remaining plastic is passed on to the correct recycling chain.
Ocean plastic is used to obtain a high quality yarn.
The woven fabric is used to manufacture your GOT BAG.

Your advantages

Be a hero in protecting the ocean

Enjoy the usage of a durable, robust & stylish product

Contribute to a plastic-free future of the oceans

Be in good company with over 25,000 + like-minded people

Fair & social working conditions for all involved

Certified by bluesign®, Bureau Veritas, BSCI, Oekotex 100 Standard and Sedex

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Innovative bio-coating

Specially developed innovative coating provides a water-repellent layer. It consists of 100% biodegradable ingredients. This avoids pollution of the groundwater and even saves oil, water and CO2 during production.

Sociological & ecological added value

We only use plastic pellets from controlled cleaning activities in Indonesia. Plastic that ends up in the net as by-catch of the local fishermen, thus providing them with an additional source of income.

Ocean plastic recycling

We take an holistic and sustainable approach to yarn production. With PET recycling as an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin plastic, we save 3.8 barrels of oil and 1700 kg of CO2 and water with every tonne. The remaining residues are forwarded to the designated recycling chain.

The Got Bag Cycle

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