Sustainability and fair production conditions are deeply rooted in our brand DNA. We live our motto "BAGS THAT CREATE AN IMPACT FOR PEOPLE AND THE WORLD" in all procurement and production steps.

Your GOT BAG will never end up in the ocean again!

We are committed to ensuring that the plastic we recover from the ocean stays out of the ocean forever. When manufacturing our backpacks, we only use raw materials that are eligible for recycling.If your bag is ever worn-out or if anything breaks, we will try to repair it.If the bag can’t be repaired, it will be reintroduced to our GOT BAG CYCLE. We will recycle it and produce a new backpack from its material.


The cheapest and most effective way to yield yarn is to produce it from virgin plastic. However, this approach is spending resources including oil and water, and CO2 emissions are far higher than a standard yarn production using virgin plastic.

PET recycling is an eco-friendly alternative for the production of yarn. One metric ton of recycled PET saves 3.8 barrels of oil and 1700 kg of CO2.

We at GOT BAG are going one step further by declaring it our mission to free the oceans from plastic waste. For each backpack sold, we recover 3.5 kg of plastic from the ocean, sort the garbage and use the PET share (about 1.5 kg) to produce our yarn. The remaining 2 kg of garbage are forwarded to the designated recycling chain.

Certification says more than the country of production

We walk along the path of our global CO2 footprints, looking back to make ours as invisible as possible. We minimize the transportation between our clean-up activities and our production facility. Our focus on clean-ups is currently in Indonesia as one of the epicenters of plastic pollution.

With China’s 40 years of experience as a world’s leading textile manufacturer and regional proximity to our Clean-Up Activities, it turned out to be the right production country for our highly specialized product. Our manufacturers are BSCI and bluesign® certified and we are looking to collaborate with Fairwear Foundation to even further improve our production standard.

Fair and Social Work

- All workers are locals, living closely to the factory area in their own homes, not in accommodations.

- Food and water are supplied.

- Workers don’t work overtime.

- Workers are of legal age.

- Workers are paid above industry standards.

To ensure that working conditions are according to our standards, an employee in china is constantly monitoring our production line.

If you have any questions regarding our sourcing activities, feel free to send us an email and we are glad to help.

Only a durable product can be truly sustainable

Highest quality is very important to us. Only with a top product we can ensure that the resources will not be wasted unnecessarily, and you won’t have to buy another backpack soon.

 Your GOT BAG consists of

fabric: marine plastic

straps: recycled PET

UTX Clips: recycled PET

YKK Zippers: metal

Innovative coating solution

Your GOT BAG doesn’t contain PFC coatings. Often, PFC coatings are used to waterproof outdoor clothing. However, the chemicals used for the process easily enter the groundwater and thus contaminate our drinking water and food. We are using a BIO-PU material to coat our backpacks. Polyurethane - the industry standard to coat products and make them waterproof - again is made from oil and of course wasn’t an option for us.We have found a smart innovative solution in collaboration with our partner Covestro AG, that doesn’t lack in performance and is as durable and waterproof. It is made from 100% bio-degradable ingredients and post-consumer plastic (former PU coatings) and saves water, CO2 and oil.
We are that convinced of our product, that we started working with bluesign® system partners. bluesign® is a Swiss organization that ensures that the fashion industry adheres to an environmentally friendly standard.

You can contribute to our sustainability:

1. Please only buy if you are certain about your purchase decision. We want to avoid shipping unnecessary returns the best we can.

2. Please only buy if you really need a backpack. We act in the most sustainable way when we use the things we own as long as possible. But if you are looking for a new, sustainable and durable backpack, we are more than happy to welcome you to the GOT BAG family!