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Register on WIWIN

The crowdinvesting is conducted through the WIWIN platform. Sign up there to be able to invest.

Invest from € 250

Everyone can participate! Invest an amount of your choice between 250 € and 25,000 €.

Benefit from the development

We will provide you with regular updates on our company's development and distribute annual interest payments. After five years, you will receive your invested money back.


General questions

Generally, all natural persons residing in Europe who have reached the age of 18.

We primarily use the money for growth financing and international expansion. You can learn more about this in our crowdinvesting video.

The investment is free of charge for you as an investor.

The investment brochure or the webinar with our founder Benny will give you a good overview. You can find both on the campaign page of WIWIN.

Our Customer Happiness Team is available via email: WIWIN's team will answer questions about your individual investment via email:

Crowdfunding is available to everyone from March 14, 2024. The maximum issuance volume is €1.5 million. Once this amount is subscribed, crowdfunding will be closed. The campaign will end no later than April 8, 2024, regardless of the amount reached.

No, unfortunately not, as we offer a financial product in accordance with German authorisation requirements in Germany. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Happiness team:


You can redeem your voucher directly during the investment process on WIWIN under "Gutschein." The discount will be deducted before payment.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For questions, please contact:

If you receive a discount on your investment, you will still receive the interest on the nominal amount of your investment, regardless of the amount paid in.

Regardless of your voucher or discount, you will receive the nominal amount and thus the full investment sum back!


Interest on your bond is calculated and paid annually. You can find all the details in German in this document: Basisinformationsblatt.

Yes, we will automatically transfer your interest annually on the due date. Details can be found in German in this document: Anleihebedingungen.

Yes. Income from capital assets is generally subject to tax – including interest on the bond. As the issuer, we are obliged to withhold the legally prescribed taxes as withholding tax for you as the recipient when paying interest. This usually includes capital gains tax, solidarity surcharge, and, depending on the case, church tax. You will receive a tax certificate from us in the following year. You may be able to exempt yourself from the withholding tax within the legal framework through an exemption order. We ask you to clarify all tax-related questions with tax advisory services, as this depends heavily on your personal circumstances, and we are not allowed to provide tax advisory information.

Maximum amount

No, you can invest an amount between €250 and a maximum of €25,000.

Yes, you can invest multiple times during the campaign, but only up to a total amount of €25,000.

Investment process

You can make your investment by bank transfer.

There is no trading venue (such as a stock exchange) for your digital security. However, after the lock-up period expires, you can transfer and potentially sell your bond to others using your digital certificate. The receiving person must have a digital wallet. You can find all the details in the bond terms.

Yes, you can also register with WIWIN before the start. This way, you can complete your investment faster and more relaxed once we unlock the campaign.

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Vorteile ab 1.000 € Investment

Yes, you will receive the discount on all products in our online shop. It is valid as long as you own the bond. Please note that the code in our shop cannot be combined with other discount promotions.

The dispatch will take place 2-3 weeks after the end of the campaign (expected end: 08.04.24). We will contact you beforehand to arrange delivery to your desired address. For questions, contact our Customer Happiness Team: