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Made of sustainable and water-repellent material - with space for 2 cards and cash.
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More than 350 tons of Ocean Impact Plastic recycled

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Made of recycled plastic

With your purchase you help us to collect 0.2 kg Ocean Impact Plastic!

Sleek & slim – the simple wallet for all people who like it easy. Can be securely closed with a snap fastener and offers space for 2 cards, change and bills.

For each WALLET, we collect 0.2 kg of Ocean Impact Plastic.

  • Fabric made of Ocean Impact Plastic
  • Environmentally friendly PU or TPU backside coating
  • DWR coating (durable water repellency) face side
  • PFC- & PVC-free coating
  • Dimensions: 8 cm x 10 cm (H x W)
  • Weight: 34 g
What makes my GOT BAG so special?

Symbolically, our products stand for clean oceans and a responsible use of plastic. That's why we not only collect the Ocean Impact Plastic that we recycle for the production of our travel and everyday companions, but also ensure that the plastics that cannot be used are recycled appropriately. Together with our customers, we ensure that they never end up in the ocean again, rethink circular economy and actively fight for the conservation of our environment. With the goal of a circular economy, our backpacks are made of recycled materials and are particularly durable. They consciously forgo the need for constant new collection cycles and pursue a timeless, minimalist design language. Instead of following seasonal trends, our customers can rely on them for as long as possible. And if something does need to be repaired, you can take advantage of the free repair service. The aim is to create greater awareness worldwide – both with our clean-up program and on-site information activities in Indonesia, but also by raising people's awareness of plastic recycling worldwide. "Create an Impact" – we encourage people to reflect, to question their own actions and to work together to bring about positive change.

Where does the Ocean Impact Plastic for my GOT BAG come from?

With the GOT BAG clean-up program off the North coast of Java, Indonesia, more than 2,000 local participants collect plastic from coastal waters, mangrove forests and the delta region of the nearby rivers. The Ocean Impact Plastic collected in the process is therefore no longer posing a threat to the oceans. The PET portion of the Ocean Impact Plastic is cleaned, sorted and pressed into pellets – it makes up the raw material of GOT BAG products. The other types of plastic that cannot be recycled to date are fed into suitable recycling solutions. The pellets are shipped to China for production, where they are processed into robust yarn for your GOT BAG.

How much plastic has GOT BAG recycled already?

The total amount of Ocean Impact Plastic we have collected so far is on display through a live tracker on our website. We have been documenting the performance of our clean-up program in Indonesia together with the Berlin-based start-up "Cleanhub" in order to transparently disclose the amount of plastic collected as well as its composition and to be able to report its exact origin.

Why does my GOT BAG weigh less than the amount of plastic recycled to make it? 

So far, we can only use the PET part of the collected Ocean Impact Plastic for the production of your GOT BAG. Of course, the other types of plastic do not end up back in the ocean: With our own Clean-up program in Indonesia, we ensure that all plastic recovered is fed into suitable recycling solutions. In addition, we are constantly working with our research partners to be able to independently process more and more of it into new products in the future.

What can be the reason for my GOT BAG looking worn out at some parts?

Since all our products are made from recycled materials, there can always be small variations in structure and color. This is not proof of a lack of quality, but merely the result that we actually use recycled, independently collected Ocean Impact Plastic for production. Still, the ambition obviously is to produce a flawless product, and we are working diligently to fix any minor flaws affecting the material's structure. However, irregularities can be smoothed out at home with a damp microfiber cloth.

How sustainable are the logistical routes of my GOT BAG?

The pellets made from Ocean Impact Plastic are transported by ship from Indonesia to China for further processing. Locally, we still rely on road transport, but we are also looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. The finished goods are transported from China to Germany and the USA by ship. There, the products are shipped in reusable and recyclable packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

What makes our product so special?

Sleek & slim
  • Slim shape and minimalistic design
  • Can be securely closed with a snap fastener 
  • Offers space for 2 cards, change and bills 
Made of Ocean Impact Plastic
  • With its timeless, minimalistic design and durable, sturdy material, your GOT BAG will be on your side for a long time in everyday life and while traveling. 
  • Together, we support a sustainable circular economy and tackle the problem at its root - because not only do we recover and recycle Ocean Impact Plastic for your GOT BAG, but we also work to prevent plastic from being used and ending up in the ocean in the first place. 
  • Each GOT BAG is a unique piece that you can be proud of. 
Water-resistant material
  • An innovative and environmentally friendly PFC- and PVC-free coating keeps your belongings dry.
2 years warranty
  • Only a long lasting product is a truly sustainable product. That’s why we offer you a 2 year warranty for all GOT BAGs.
  • If the long-lasting backpacks are ever worn out or damaged, we offer you a free repair service. This way you can use your backpack as long as possible and hopefully you won't have to buy a new one so quickly.
  • In case our products can no longer be repaired, we recycle the material back into the GOT BAG production. In doing so, we pursue the goal that plastic collected with our Clean-up program never ends up in the ocean again.
Care instructions
  • Use warm water & a microfibre cloth to wipe down your GOT BAG
  • Do not machine wash, dry, iron, dry clean or bleach.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Schenker
Team MALIZIA Rolltop

Einfach nur perfekt! Wir sollten über ein Sammelsystem in Häfen sprechen. Denn als Segler weiss ich wieviel Flaschen rumtreiben.

Vanessa Drummer
Klein aber fein

Ich schließe mich meinen Vorredner*innen an, ich liebe das Portemonnaie aber es ist wirklich ziemlich klein. Ich benutze es seit über einem Jahr und zwei Nähte beginnen sich oben langsam zu lösen - was vermutlich auch dadurch begünstigt wird, dass ich mehrere Karten in ein Fach stecke und dadurch alles sehr auf Spannung ist. Ansonsten ist die Quali super, das Material macht echt viel mit.

Es wäre schön, wenn Gotbag irgendwann mal ein richtig großes Portemonnaie mit vielen Kartenslots und einem großen Münzfach (so in Richtung "Restaurantbedienung") rausbringen würde :) Und das dann in mehreren Farben!

Barbara Koch
Zu klein

Ich finde die Grundidee so toll und habe die Börse meinem Sohn geschenkt. Sie ist stylisch aber:
Leider ist sie wirklich wirklich zu klein. Ab 50€ schaut der Schein oben raus und das Kleingeldfach ist eigentlich indiskutabel. Da passt grad mal ein Glückscent rein.
Alles im Umfang einen Zentimeter größer und das Münzfach großzügiger dann wäre es total perfekt!


Ich benutze das Portemonnaie seit einigen Monaten und muss meinen Vorgängern zustimmen, es ist klein (besonders das Münzfach etwas zu klein). Dennoch habe ich so überdacht wie viele Karten ich überhaupt brauche und da gerade sowieso Corona ist, komme ich auch mit den vorhandenen völlig zurecht. Wenn man jedoch einen 50€er im Scheinfach hat, kann man dies sehr gut sehen, weswegen ich ihn immer knicke.
Dennoch ist es per se kein schlechtes Portemonnaie und auf dem Foto sieht man ja bereits wie viele Kartenfächer es hat also sollte man auch wissen worauf man sich einlässt. Die Verarbeitung ist qualitativ hochwertig, so sind bis jetzt keine Makel oder Knicke entstanden.

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Recycling of plastic

By using recycled PET, we made the commitment to utilize an eco-friendly alternative to new plastic in our yarn production. One metric ton of recycled PET saves 3.8 barrels of oil, 1.700 litres of water, and reduces the CO2 emission by 139 tons compared to the industry standard. So far, we were able to recycle more than 350 tons of Ocean Impact Plastic.

Sociological & ecological values

Providing environmentally and socially compatible products is not enough for us. We also organize training sessions on waste separation for the local community on Java, to create a collective awareness about plastic pollution. GOT BAG also helps to support the establishment of a waste infrastructure in rural areas. In the long term, we hope to persuade the local government to rethink the way it operates Indonesia’s waste management system.

Environmentally friendly coating

Sustainable down to the last fiber! The fabric of every GOT BAG is water-repellent thanks to an innovative and environmentally friendly coating, which uses significantly less water and oil during production, while also emitting less CO2 than traditional coating processes. All of our products are free from PFC and PVC.

Thank you! of Ocean Impact Plastic will be recovered because of your choice! Great choice! Your selection helps us to clean up the oceans.

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