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Changing the world - one coral at a time: Adopt a coral growing to new life in French-Polynesia by purchasing your GOT BAG X CORAL GARDENERS backpack.
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Free Coral Adoption Card

You will receive a free Coral Adoption Card worth 28 €. Together we support our partner Coral Gardeners in the conservation of coral reefs.

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Well packed: The GIFT BOX made of recycled materials with recycled silk paper ensures a sustainable unpacking experience.

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2 years warranty & repair service

Made of Ocean Impact Plastic

Why corals?
Coral reefs are the second lunge of our planet, more than 25% of marine biodiversity directly depends on it. However, coral reefs require immediate action:
50% have already been lost in the past 30 years (UNEP)
90% are threatened by 2050 (IPCC)

Your GOT BAG X CORAL GARDENERS ROLLTOP supports the 2022 coral restoration program of our partner Coral Gardeners.

Adjustable & durable – The all-rounder for adventure seekers & freedom lovers. Protects your essentials from wind and weather and expands easily thanks to the flexible rolltop and adjustable side straps. It protects your laptop from scratches with a separate, removable 15-inch case.

What makes our product so special?

Adjustable & durable
  • Protects your essentials from wind and weather
  • Expands easily thanks to the flexible rolltop and adjustable side straps
  • Offers maximum comfort for your back through soft padded shoulder straps
  • Protects your laptop from scratches with a separate, removable 15-inch case
Made from Ocean Impact Plastic
  • With its timeless, minimalistic design and durable, sturdy material, your GOT BAG will be on your side for a long time in everyday life and while traveling. 
  • Together, we support a sustainable circular economy and tackle the problem at its root - because not only do we recover and recycle Ocean Impact Plastic for your GOT BAG, but we also work to prevent plastic from being used and ending up in the ocean in the first place. 
  • Each GOT BAG is a unique piece that you can be proud of. 
Water-resistant material
  • An innovative PFC- and PVC-free coating keeps your belongings dry.
  • Your ROLLTOP is waterproof as soon as you roll up the opening tightly and close it properly. 
2 year warranty
  • Only a long lasting product is a truly sustainable product. That’s why we offer you a 2 year warranty for all GOT BAGs. 
  • There is also a spare parts service for individual parts.
Care instructions
  • Use warm water & a microfibre cloth to wipe down your GOT BAG
  • Do not machine wash, dry, iron, dry clean or bleach.


Who are the Coral Gardeners?

Coral Gardeners was founded in Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia.

In 2017, a small group of island kids witnessed the rapid degradation of their local reef and decided to act. They have grown into an international collective of advocates, scientists, engineers and creators determined to revolutionize ocean conservation. Since 2017, the team has expanded to more than 20 members, with a global movement of half a million people all committing to save the reefs. To date, Coral Gardeners has been able to plant over 15,700 corals around the island.

How do I adopt a coral and what happens next?

By purchasing a product of our COLLAB EDITION, you will automatically adopt a coral - a POCILLOPORA VERRUCOSA, which is one of the most iconic corals in Mo’orea’s reef. 

The Coral Gardeners have a specific method to grow and revive corals using resistant corals that will grow on a rope attached to a nursery table. Those corals “have proven to resist and survive extreme water temperatures and bleaching events.” The CG restoration team identified the resistant corals in the lagoon around their island during the last bleaching event. They can fragment about 10% of them to put on ropes. With your purchase, you will adopt a part of this coral, which will grow out on ropes until it is large enough to be transplanted onto the reef (this can take up to 1 ½ years). To fix the corals onto the reef, the team uses a mixture of marine cement and freshwater. The corals can grow over their cemented attachment point and fuse with the reef, hence reviving it. Throughout the process, you will be provided with updates.

Why does GOT BAG collaborate with Coral Gardners?

GOT BAG is partnering with French Polynesia based Coral Gardeners to create an even bigger impact. After collaborating for three years (the first was a coral planting promotion for Black Friday 2019), the two teams felt like manifesting their common spirit with a COLLAB EDITION of GOT BAGs showcasing the iconic Coral Gardeners logo. The collection consists of three pieces: ROLLTOP, ROLLTOP LITE and HIP BAG.

Why are corals so important?

Corals are the "rainforest" of the oceans. The second lung of our planet, on which more than 25% of marine species directly depend. However, coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate - as much as 50% have already been lost in the past 30 years (UNEP). The decline could reach up to 90% by 2050 if global warming is limited to an increase of 1.5°C, according to the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report.

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Recycling of plastic

By using recycled PET, we made the commitment to utilize an eco-friendly alternative to new plastic in our yarn production. The total amount of Ocean Impact Plastic we have collected already is documented with our Berlin-based start-up partner 'Cleanhub' – it is shown live via the tracker on our website.

Sociological & ecological values

Providing environmentally and socially compatible products is not enough for us. We also organize training sessions on waste separation for the local community on Java, to create a collective awareness about plastic pollution. GOT BAG also helps to support the establishment of a waste infrastructure in rural areas. In the long term, we hope to persuade the local government to rethink the way it operates Indonesia’s waste management system.

Great deal! Your selection helps us to clean up the oceans. Great choice! Your selection helps us to clean up the oceans.

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